Welcome to the 2008 Masterworks Survey!

It's been almost 18 months since the last Survey, and we apologize for the delay in getting this baby off the ground. A lot has happened since the last results poured in, and we've had to build up a new survey platform with a couple new designers. The survey is sleeker and more comprehensive than ever, though, so we hope the delay will be worth it.

To take the survey, please observe the following guidelines:

1) You must register with the new website! All previous registrations are null and void. You must create a new USER ID and PASSWORD to register. (PLEASE NOTE: Your user id and password from the message board forums will not work on this website. You may recycle them for the website, as long as the password is six characters minimum.)

2) Please set aside about a half hour to take the survey from start to finish. The survey will often ask you for specific data about your book collection, so be able to refer to your collection so that we can gather the best information possible.

3) When being asked to select your choices for future Masterworks volumes, it might help to familiarize yourself with the WHAT IF pages at MarvelMasterworks.com. It's full of mapping ideas for volumes yet to be published!

4) As usual, please only one survey response per person.

5) There are many questions that ask you to choose from a list of books and sometimes rank those choices. To clarify: You do not have to choose any from the list if they do not interest you. If you have no interest in buying a book, you don't have to input a choice. Your "no" response definitely means something in the context of the survey.

6) Please observe the cap limits on choices, for if you choose more than the maximum allowed, you will risk having your response disallowed.

7) Once you have completed the survey to your satisfaction, don't log back in and browse through the survey. It may render your previous results invalid. However, if you would like to retake the survey at any time, that is fine; just know that it will completely write over your previous results.

If you have any problems, check in at the message board or send me an email at Gormuu. Thank you, and enjoy taking the survey!